The 40 Hottest Men Over 40


The 40 Hottest Men Over 40
Can it be hot in here?

Men inside their 20s have hot bods and hormones-ho, hum. Inside their 30s, they get yourself a little gravitas, but it’s after they hit their 40s, the truly interesting things begin to happen. We feel it’s referred to as existence. Sexy goes much much deeper than eye chocolate it’s achieving a specific confidence that age sharpens and great work magnifies. We went trying to find that men that aren’t only easy about the eyes, but who are also really ideal for the earth around us-whether it’s inside the work they’re doing, the kids they raise, or perhaps the people guide. That’s the whole package, to date as we’re concerned. Because spirit, we supply you with the 40 hottest men over 40.

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40. Anthony Bourdain, 57

This baddest in the bad-boy chefs features a Tv program that’s incorporated with viewer discretion warning-and the man can prepare. Within the breakout book Kitchen Private, he gave us an insider’s view for the restaurant world, trained us why we have to never order fish on Mondays, and cautioned us against spats with waiters. First of all, we love to that within the latest adventures-in-eating series on CNN, Parts Unknown, he generously shines a simple on food and people all stations around. Pomp and circumstance don’t interest Bourdain. It’s everyday existence, everyday eating. That’s everyday sexy to many of us.

39. Matt Damon, 42The 40 Hottest Men Over 40

Even though this person act, but they can write, too, while he shown in Good Will Hunting (which, clearly, won him and also the buddy Film Clip an Oscar to find the best original screen play). Not merely one to unwind on his Hollywood laurels, he’s furthermore a household man and philanthropist in lots of areas, including founding the charity H2O Africa Foundation, volunteering in Haiti incorporated inside a Un mission, and having a spokesperson for Feeding America. He’s restored his wedding vows along with his only wife-no small task inside an industry rife with serial marriages-therefore we hear he’s a typical poker player. We’d put our chips on Damon every single day.

38. Cory Booker, 44The 40 Hottest Men Over 40

We literally do not know how to begin relating to this one, so we’ll let Oprah kick it well: She referred to as telegenic mayor of Newark, Nj and U.S. Senate candidate a “rock star.” With other people, he’s the hero who saved a girl in a burning building and saved your pet locked outdoors and shivering throughout the cold several weeks cold. The Mayor of Newark calculates, never drinks, which is a vegetarian for environmental and health reasons. Is he too good actually was? We certainly hope not.

37. Aaron Sorkin, 52The 40 Hottest Men Over 40

We have Sorkin the reason behind our time-sucking West Wing obsession, however that does not stop us from crushing on him. Sorkin writes wonderful, almost romantic portrayals of power (The American President), and you’ll bet if he writes a screenplay, it’s likely to be nominated for something (Moneyball, The Social Media). But he’s furthermore a genuine guy who’s spoken frankly about battling-and beating-a medicine addiction. Confronting one’s demons creates one attractive man.

36. Colin Firth, 52The 40 Hottest Men Over 40

Even though everyone knows Elizabeth Bennett can get him inside the finish, once we watch Pride and Prejudice, we’re still round the side of our seats pulling for Firth’s Mr. Darcy. Plus, has anybody ever stuttered a lot better than Firth when portraying King George Mire inside the King’s Speech? Along with what about his role for one another, Really, while he woos the waitress he can’t speak with? Dark, handsome, humble…Can get us every time.

35. Louis C.K., 45The 40 Hottest Men Over 40

Good grief, he’s funny. His unabridged stand-up hits the authentic notes, just like a real comedian must. Plus, we love to he so respected fellow comedian Tig Notaro’s unpredicted live bit within an LA comedy club this season about getting cancer, he convey a recording from this for installing on his site, many of the profits ($4 of all the $5) prone to Notaro. That’s everything you call an excellent friend. And that’s that which you call sexy.

34. Bobby Flay, 48The 40 Hottest Men Over 40

Flay famously requested with an Easy-Bake Oven for Christmas at 8, and four decades later, he’s cooking, grilling, and BBQ’ing up rainwater. The red-haired New you are able to city-native has not met a spice he didn’t like, and he’s cooked his way confidently across numerous cooking shows, books, you’ll find, a couple of marriages. Another plus? His grilling recipes typically highlight flavor, not fat. The person just seems to produce heat-it can’t be helped.

33. Andre Agassi, 43The 40 Hottest Men Over 40

When the secondary school dropout emerged round the tennis scene inside the late ’80s, Andre Agassi was all hair and day-glo tennis clothes (except at Wimbledon, clearly, where he claimed his first Grand Slam title in 1992 wearing classic tennis whites). But over time he lost his hair, lost some tournamen, in addition to lost his way by dabbling in drugs. That which you love about Agassi is always that he switched everything around. He dug deep and rededicated themselves to his health insurance his career. Now happily married to a new tennis great, Steffi Graff, and families, he’s devoted his publish-tennis career for the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy, a charter school located in among Las Vegas’ most at-risk neighborhood.

32. Sanjay Gupta, MD, 43The 40 Hottest Men Over 40

What sort of practicing neurosurgeon from Atlanta increased to become popular culture icon (People magazine put him by themselves sexy list a few previously) beats us, but Dr. Gupta is doing it. He’s the primary medical correspondent for CNN, a contributing factor to an hour or so, plus a Prevention consultant and columnist. Wherever you’ll find floods, tsunamis, war, or earthquakes, Dr. Gupta will there be to explain an individuals cost with regards to health. When reporting from Iraq, he even performed existence-saving nuclear physics in the desert medical tent. Hang on, there’s more: The romance to help keep fit introduced him launch “Fit Nation,” an anti-being overweight initiative that challenges and inspires Americans to sign up him in practicing a yearly triathlon. He’s certainly inspired us. (Read Dr. Gupta’s posts the next!)

31. Jon Hamm, 42

We would never know the deadly handsome actor who plays Don Draper in TV’s Mad Men had a sense of humor until he spoofed opposite Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids. Really, we suspect he sublimates a deeply goofy and endearing side to see the serial-sleeper-arounder ad professional Draper. Plus, we like to that Hamm has maintained a extended-term contact with the gifted actor and director Jennifer Westfeldt. A committed heartthrob in Hollywood? Swoon.

30. Steve Martin, 68 The 40 Hottest Men Over 40

When that you can do several things well-act, write, play in the banjo, make jokes-something seriously sexy is going on. Much more have to be aware whenever he writes a completely new Yorker short story, appears in the movie (we’re glad that Meryl Streep’s character made the wise choice and selected him in It’s Complicated) or will receive a Grammy to find the best bluegrass album (2009).

29. Assault Worsens, 46

We weren’t sure this blue-eyed question had serious newscasting chops in 2000 because he located the reality Tv program The Mole, but he returned to his broadcasting roots greatly just like a primetime news anchor on CNN. Pretty blue eyes aside, this is just what we can’t resist about Anderson: He was produced wealthy (boy of heiress Gloria Vanderbilt), but he needed the silver spoon from his mouth and started.

28. Tim McGraw, 46

Ignore booze plus a brand-new bod! At 45, the country music star kissed alcohol goodbye and set themselves in to a new fitness regime (that’s so clearly getting to repay). Plus, how cute one factor he frequently performs along with his wife of 16 years, Belief Hill?

27. Mark Ruffalo, 45 The 40 Hottest Men Over 40

In 2010’s The Kids Are Right, he performed an all natural gardening, free-spirited eco-restaurateur, employmen to not date from his heart. Ruffalo, an passionate outdoorsman, has already established round the gas industry to guard his home turf in upstate New You’ll be able to from hydraulic fracturing (fracking). A man who not only stands his ground but furthermore protects it? Irresistible.

26. Djimon Honsou, 49

If you want with an immediate hot flash, look at this Benin-born actor’s campaign for Calvin Klein under clothes. He’s luscious to look at and gifted too, two occasions an Academy Award nominee (Best Supporting Actor for In The United States and Blood stream Gem). But existence wasn’t always sweet for Honsou, who, after departing Africa for Paris, resided round the roads until you are discovered having a fashion professional professional photographer. Kudos for a way far he’s come.

25. Deepak Chopra, MD, 65

If you think you can’t make big modifications in your existence, consider Depak Chopra. The selection health guru was once a effective, practicing physician, while not a cheerful one. To handle the strain of recent existence, he responded in typically Western ways-he smoked, he drank, he over-caffeinated. Finally, disenchanted with Western medicine’s addiction to drugs, Dr. Chopra began exploring meditation as well as other techniques to repair body and soul. Today he’s the author of a lot of books as well as the founding father from the Chopra Center for Wellness in La Jolla, CA. Once requested inside an interview if he believed God existed, he mentioned yes, but “not just like a dead white-colored-colored male.” Namaste compared to that.

24. Liam Neeson, 61The 40 Hottest Men Over 40

Rugged, handsome, with no least whiff of pomposity, Neeson clinched our hearts since the at-sea lover in Woodsy Allen’s Husbands and Spouses. Major hotness points: He’s quit smoking, once resided by getting a mature lady (actress Helen Mirren), which voice! Chalk it towards the luck in the Irish.

23. Oscar en Renta, 81

Would you have the feeling that some designers aren’t-so-secretly trying to torture women? (For proof, start to see the torpedo bra.) Nevertheless the Dominican-born en Renta is actually gracious and beautiful within the designs. His style is fresh but distinguished, and he’s been dressing First In addition to their kids for several years, from Jackie Kennedy to Jenna Plant Hager. Regal, classic, and non-partisan: That’s en Renta. We are feeling a means-caused swoon developing.

22. Stephen Moyer, 43

OK, so his character Bill Compton might be a bloodthirsty inside the series True Blood stream. However when i had been ever to get cornered having a 175-year-old vampire, we’d choose him. His wife and costar Anna Paquin recently delivered twins, and there’s just something in regards to the picture of stoic vampire Bill doing diaper duty that can bring a grin towards the faces.

21. Hugh Jackman, 44The 40 Hottest Men Over 40

Whose knees don’t slightly knock within the appear from the Aussie accent? Jackman can be a triple threat-singing, dancing, and acting-getting a heart of gold. Remember because he cut his eyebrow zip-lining within a live Oprah show in Sydney? He needed it in stride, brushing it well gracefully. And let’s be genuine, it’d take more than a zipline to ruin Wolverine’s gorgeous face.

20. Viggo Mortensen, 54

This Danish-American actor plays a, dark, mysterious roles-in Eastern Promises he will be a Russian mobster, plus Past Violence, a family group man with troubling secrets. But he earned it in a major way because he performed the displaced king Aragorn inside the Lord in the Rings trilogy. Here’s why we uncover him irresistible: He speaks Spanish fluently, writes poetry, makes music, takes photographs, and likes to spend time in the reclusive Idaho ranch.

19. Bob Harper, 48

We love to a guy who thinks it’s Okay to weep while working out. Over time we’ve viewed Trainer Bob produce sweat, tears, and possibly somewhat blood stream while he pressed Finest Loser contestants for his or her limits, but he achieved it getting a large heart. He loves seeing people obtain lives back, which empathy is what we love to about him.

18. Rob Daniels, 58The 40 Hottest Men Over 40

We’d kinda overlooked Daniels after he sparred with Shirley MacLaine since the weak-willed boy-in-law with regards to Endearment throughout the ’80s. However, lo and behold, he seems in HBO’s The Newsroom just like a smart, open-minded news anchor who’s also battling closeness issues. Individuals are not any worry for Daniels themselves: He married his secondary school sweetheart in 1979 and switched lower the Hollywood zipcode for his home condition of Michigan. The person has unabashed roots, which we uncover irresistible.

17. Mark Wahlberg, 42

He may have grown to be his start posing within clothes inside the ’90s, but Marky Mark’s forecasted some serious charisma in acting roles over time, particularly since the lower-and-out boxer Micky Ward inside the Fighter. Wahlberg has furthermore overcome plenty of demons since his youth-drugs, arrests, incarceration-now he’s doing charity use kids and families. He’s living proof you could turn your existence around (and appearance great carrying it out).

16. Patrick Dempsey, 47

The doctor is at. TV’s favorite neurosurgeon makes pulses race nationwide, ours incorporated. After his mother was recognized as getting ovarian cancer, the actor founded The Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope & Healing, a middle in Lewisten, Maine that provides education, support, and wellness for people dealing with cancer.

15. Richard Dawkins, 72The 40 Hottest Men Over 40

“Why can we exist, why we here, the facts about?Inches We don’t what you believe, however when a man requested us that around the first date, we’d marry him the very next day. Just like a celebrated, questionable Oxford-educated biologist, Dawkins covers the wonders of science in provocative and fascinating books (his landmark 1976 book, The Selfish Gene, needed on evolution). His only enemy, according to him, could be the incurious. When science meets humanism, that’s a heady brew!

14. David Harewood, 47

After 25 years or so of laboring inside the acting trenches, the British actor mentioned he was close to quitting his craft until you are attracted onto experience deputy director in the CIA counterterrorism unit on Homeland. And we’re so glad he associated with it! This Season he was awarded an MBE (Part of a purchase in the British Empire) for services to drama.

13. Judd Apatow, 45

If you want to satisfy Apatow’s family, just watch his movies. His wife Leslie Mann and youngsters Maude and Iris Apatow have performed roles in Knocked Up, Funny People that is 40. Family dynamics clearly interest him, therefore we love he works together their very own. Director Apatow may also be Producer Apatow: he’s produced a couple of from the funniest women around, including Kristen Wiig and ensemble in Bridesmaids and Lena Dunham’s series Women on Cinemax. Plus, the person is positively philanthropic in your home base, LA. All kudos inside the seriously sexy category.

12. Ira Glass, 54The 40 Hottest Men Over 40

You don’t need to become wealthy. You don’t need to become famous. Really, radio producer and host of NPR’s This American Existence Ira Glass prefers that you are not. People and stuff that happen to them appeal most to him. While he once mentioned, “Everything is a lot more compelling if you talk just like a person, if you talk like yourself.” Celebrating humanity? Can’t have sexier than that.

11. John Slattery, 51

We first observed the prematurely-gray actor within the memorable Sex as well as the City appearance, and we’re pleased to presently see him as Roger Sterling on Mad Men. “Have a very drink,” according to him inside the series, “when they visit me look youthful. Inch Self-deprecation laced with irony? Bottoms up.

10. Kaira Pitt, 49

OK, it becomes an apparent pick, but he cannot be overlooked. As luscious while he looked in Thelma & Louise in the past, he really looks more handsome nowadays having a couple of lines round his eyes. In addition to if Pitt was only moderately attractive, the fact he and partner Jennifer Aniston sow money into worthy causes around the globe-he will be a driving pressure behind the efforts to rebuild New Orleans publish-Katrina-send him in the charts. He’s the sexy guy you’d totally want within your lifeboat.

9. Dalai Lama, 78

Hear us out, here: Will there be anybody suaver when compared with 14th reincarnation in the political and spiritual leader of Tibet? The awe-inspiring, Nobel Peace Prize champion may also be famously cheerful. Yup, we’d bring him where you can mama, robes and many types of.

8. Woodsy Harrelson, 52The 40 Hottest Men Over 40

After we mentioned before, we love to a guy who’s proven the force to destroy some rough health habits. That your person’s comfortable expressing emotion, too “When I let in the weed,” the actor once mentioned inside an interview, “and the consuming too, I cried each day. And I Also loved that. I really like crying.” The native Texan, current vegan, and a pair of-time Academy Award nominee isn’t afraid to think about risks or shed a few tears. We love to that.

7. Jon Stewart, 50

Stewart could be the smartest man in publish-prime time. As host in the Daily Show, his political satire is sharp, funny, and poignant. Plus, he’s never afraid to laugh at themselves. Men everywhere, bear in mind: There’s nothing more powerful when compared to a man getting an excellent sense of comic timing.

6. Mariano Rivera, 43

Rivera elevated up dirt poor in Panama, chasing his baseball dreams with recorded up balls and tree branch bats. Even though this relief pitcher for your New You’ll be able to Yankees will most likely come down one of the better closing pitchers in baseball, he hasn’t forgotten his roots: He’s spends no small part of his salary on building schools and funding development programs in Panama.

5. Michael Chabon, 50

We’re not able to have an sufficient quantity of Chabon’s novels, from Question Boys to Telegraph Avenue and my way through between. But typically the most popular? The Pleasures of Manhood, an amount of essays where Chabon admits he doesn’t possess the solutions in relation to like a husband plus a father. Humbleness, essentially, is hot.

4. Daniel Day-Lewis, 56The 40 Hottest Men Over 40

That which you admore most concerning this three-named British pillar of acting may be the passion for his craft. Because he portrayed a paralyzed Christy Brown inside my Left Ft (1989), he never got from his mobility device, even off-camera. Plus, you’ve gotta love tomorrow Lewis doesn’t court publicity and leads a very private family existence when he isn’t promoting a film.

3. John Manley, 54

We’ve always stood a soft spot for worthwhile anchorman, and Manley is not any exception. Smart and funny, also, he winds up getting elevated a very awesome daughter, Allison Manley, who stars inside the Cinemax series Women. A parent who raises an ass-kicking, boundary-breaking daughter-and encourages her to get her ass-kicking, boundary-breaking self-can be a star inside our eyes.

2. Bruce Springsteen, 63

He’s in control, and not of Nj. Are you currently with a Springsteen concert? The person is 63 and tears within the stage like he did because he started out decades ago. He jumps into crowds, dances with girls, sweats through several shirts, instead of, ever stints at about the time. Springsteen, you’re still wild-not too innocent-and we’ll always might like to do the E Street Shuffle together with you.

1. Travis Stork, 41The 40 Hottest Men Over 40

If all er doctors looked this good, we might go to the ER more often. Since the host in the syndicated daytime talk show The Doctors, Dr. Stork is all about empowering patients, and the man practices what he teaches: He bikes to function each day (yup, even while it’s raining) and eats crazy healthy (a man after our personal hearts, he hates the word “diet” having its restrictive implications). Really, we’re such fans of his, that individuals feature him around the cover every change we have!


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